Our Curtain Rods and Drapery Hardware Products

Decorative Curtain Rods

Check out our stunning decorative curtain rods and drapery hardware on our partner website Drapery Curtain Rods. You can either order the drapery hardware that you need and have it delivered to your home or business, or you can provide us with the products and quantities that you want and we can bring all the drapery hardware to your premise when we come to do the installation.
decorative curtain rods

If you want an even bigger selection of decorative drapery hardware and curtain rods you can also check out our partner company Prestige Decor Fabric & Window Treatments in Mississauga. They offer the largest selection of drapery hardware in Canada and have great prices.

Drapery Tracks

We also offer a complete assortment of drapery tracks and hardware including: Ibeam drapery tracks, Fineline drapery tracks, KS tracks, CCS tracks, TCS tracks, and traverse curtain rods. You can read more about all our different drapery tracks on Prestige Decor Fabric and Window Treatments.
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drapery installation quote Toronto