Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: What type of drapery hardware do you install?
Answer: We install decorative curtain rods and hardware, Ibeam rods and hardware, KS Track rods and hardware, and Traverse rods and hardware.

Question. What types of windows are you able to install drapery hardware on?
Answer. Bay windows, regular windows, bow windows, arch windows, and any other types of windows.

Question. Do you offer drapery hanging services?
Answer. Yes we are familiar with all types of drapery styles and we are able hang any draperies on the rods that we install.

Question. Can you install drapery hardware before my draperies are ready?
Answer. Yes we we can install drapery hardware without your drapes. We just need to know the exact length of your draperies if you know it. Many of our customers get us to install drapery hardware before their drapes are ready. If you did not purcahse draperies yet, at the end of installation we can tell you exactly how long your drapes need to be, and you can then get your drapes built to perfectly match the installed drapery hardware. Once your drapes are ready you can either hang them yourself or we can do it for you. If you are looking to purcahse draperies in the GTA we recommend you check out Prestige Decorating, they have over 120,000 quality fabrics and their team of decorators is trully exceptional.

Question. Do you install drapery hardware in condominiums and apartments?
Answer. Yes we specialize in condo drapery hardware installation. Most condos have concrete ceilings and aluminum air conditioning vents so in most condo installations we must drill through concrete and aluminum, which we are very comfortable with.

Question. If I change my mind about the positioning of the drapery rod that you installed are you able to re-install it in a different location?
Answer. Yes we are able to re-install the drapery hardware in another location. We have paint and dry wall filler so we are able to patch up any holes and paint over them with a fairly close paint colour to the original one. There is an extra fee for re-installation, unless its our fault.

Question. Do you specialize in commercial drapery hardware installation.
Answer. Yes we have installed many drapery rods and hardware in retail stores as well as industrial window applications.

Question. How flexible are your installation appointments?
Answer. We are very flexible! We will try our best to get you an installation appointment at the time that best fits your schedule. We are available 7 days a week, and most of the time you can book an installation within 7 days of your inquiry.

Question. What is the best place to buy drapery hardware in the GTA?
Answer. Since we install drapery hardware for multiple retailers across the Greater Toronto Area, we know which stores offer the best products and prices. We highly recommend Prestige Decorating, not only for drapery hardware but also for custom draperies. We have never had any problems with their draperies since they always make them perfect length and width and their drapery hardware selection is amazing. You can also purchase amazing drapery hardware online at Drapery Curtain

Question. Do you sell drapery hardware?
Answer. Yes we do sell drapery hardware through our online store Drapery Curtain Rods, which is a drapery hardware speciality store. If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area and would like to purcahse drapery hardware in a brick and mortar retail store your best bet is to visit Prestige Decorating in Mississauga, they trully have the best selection of drapery hardware in Canada.

Question. What is you guarantee?
Answer. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all workmanship. Learn more

Question. How can I get a quote?
Answer. To get a quick drapery hardware installation quote in the greater Toronto area you can either call us at 647-308-3838 or you can fill out our online quote and one of our sales reps will tell you the price via email the same day.

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