Our Drapery Installation Portfolio

The following are just a few of our projects. We have done hundreds of custom drapery installations!

Luxury Golf Course Decorative Drapery Hardware Installation

wall mount drapery installation in Toronto

Long Decorative Rod

We joined two decorative rods to cover a 20 foot area

ceiling mount drapery installation

Ceiling Mount Installation

Brackets were mounted into the ceiling 20 feet above ground

Dolf Course Drapery Installation Toronto

Luxury Drapery Installation

The draperies really changed the whole look of this dining room

Lounge room Curtain Installation

High Ceiling Draperies

20 foot ceiling decorative curtain rod installation in Toronto

luxury curtain rod instalaltion

Draperies Hung

Two short decorative rods hold up these stunning drapes

valance and blind installation

Valance with Blinds

We installed this valance and blinds on a 18 foot ceiling

Extra Long Curtain Rod Installation in Etobicoke

Decorative Rod Installed

We joined two decorative rods to cover a 14 foot area

Draperies Hung

Beautiful pinch pleat drapes were hung to complete the look

The Closeup

This elegant combination adds a touch of luxury to any home

Bay Window Curtain Rod Installation in Toronto

Bay Window Decorative Rod

We installed this simple but elegant bay window curtain rod

The Power of Elbows

With the help of elbows this rod follows the shape of the window.

Bay Window Decorative Rod

At this angle you can see the complete curtain rod setup

Triple Ibeam Rod Installation in North York

Triple iBeam Rod Installation

Custom iBeam curtain rod installation on a bay window

Triple Ibeam Rod Installation

iBeam rods were custom bent to follow the shape of the window

Triple Ibeam Rod Installation

Sheers, panels & a valance were hung on the triple iBeam rod

Ceiling Curtain Rod Installation in Mississauga

Ceiling Brackets Installed

Ceiling brackets were used due to the lack of space for wall brackets

Decorative Rod Installed

End caps were used so the drapes could go wall to wall

The Final Look

Grommet draperies were hung to complete the look

KS Track & iBeam Rod Installation in a Condo in Mississauga

KS Track & Ibeam Rod

We installed a KS Track and an iBeam rod for this customer

Sheers on the iBeam Rod

Sheers were hung on the iBeam rod to block sunlight

Panels on the KS Track

Panels were hung on the KS track to complete the look

Decorative Rod & iBeam Rod Installation on a Bow Window

iBeam & Decorative Rod

This arch window hardware setup is ideal for sheers and panels

Bay Window Decorative Rod

Elegant crystal finials add a touch of luxury to the window setup

Bay Window Decorative Rod

A perfect combination for sheers and draperies

Curved iBeam Rod For Shear Drapes in Mississauga

iBeam with a Return

The iBeam rod was custom bent to create a return for these sheers

Sheers on iBeam Rod

Elegant sheers block sun out and allow for easy mobility


Decorative Bay Window Rod Installation in Toronto

Bay Window Decorative Rod

Decorative curtain rod setup in the master bedroom

Bay Window Decorative Rod

Elegant panels add class and luxury to any room

A Look Up Close

Here you can see the hardware and drapery details.

Long Decorative Rod Installation in Etobicoke

Long Decorative Rod

This decorative curtain rod spans 15 feet across

Installation Details

This drapery hardware setup is very elegant and sharp

Drapes are Hung

Blackout Drapes were hung to block out 100% sunlight

Ibeam Rod Installation in Condo in Oakville

iBeam Rod Installation

The iBeam was installed for sheers to block sunlight

Custom Curves

We bend each iBeam rod to follow the shape of the window

Another Angle

Once again you can see the custom angle of the iBeam

drapery installation quote Toronto drapery installation quote Toronto